This web page is of actual RealSeat owners from around the world who have shared with

us their comments and photos for use on our website.

Rand W. – Vancouver, B.C. – Trek ‘7.2 FX’

Trek bicycle with a RealSeat comfort bike seat

After a 20 year hiatus from cycling, I decided to get back on the wagon again. I bought the cheapest good bike that I felt would last…however, my bottom didn’t survive the soreness from the traditional bicycle seat. I needed something better, and figured the best seat was one that looked like a real seat (no pun intended).

I ordered the biggest RealSeat (the RS-22 in Navy-Blue). The first ride was definitely more comfortable than the traditional seats, but I had to fine-tune the height and tilt adjustments to get the most out of it. After a few rides of an hour each, I can say it’s the most comfortable bicycle seat you’ll ever find. The pressure is spread out along your bottom instead of being concentrated in the middle. You do feel a little pressure on the back of your thigh but a proper seating position minimizes it. I tilt my seat a little upwards so that I don’t slide off it.

If you tighten the nuts properly, the seat doesn’t rotate in normal use, though if you hit one side of it (ie. banging the RealSeat against a door frame), the seat will move.

The construction is really good, with excellent fit and finish. Tightening the fabric is easier than I thought. Because the two belts underneath the seat have a texture to them, pulling the belts moves them one textured notch at a time, and if you let go, it doesn’t release the stretch (unless you open up the metal clips).

The fabric is nice and thick, and should wear really well. You can clean it with water and a cloth.

The RealSeat name on the back of the seat reflects light at night (though of course you should be using a bicycle light).

I’d recommend getting a cable lock (in addition to a U-lock) so that you can lock up the RealSeat as well as the frame and wheels, because the seat looks expensive and desirable.

Cheers! Rand.

Ralph S. – Portsmouth, VA

Here’s my little cruiser. I love the seat it’s the most comfortable seat I’ve ever sat on! Every one asks me about the seat and I give them your web site. Thanks Ralph

Dan & Teresa – Tempe, AZ – Phat Cycle ‘Sea Breeze’

Teresa and I would like to thank you. Teresa loves her seat. She can now ride her bike with minimal discomfort. Regular bicycle seats just don’t work for her. While yours is at least semi comfortable. She says it rubs a little on her legs at the edge, but I tell her to suck it up and that no seat is going to be perfect. It’s still a 1,000% better than her regular seat though. So it was well worth every penny, so we can enjoy riding together and she’s not in traction by the end of our ride. Thanks Dan & Teresa

Cheryl P. – Fort Morgan, CO – Huffy ‘West Coast Chopper’

I am so excited about my RealSeat on my West Coast Chopper. I thought my biking days were through, I just could not understand why bike seats had to have a nose. This caused me such extreme pain. Three days after I installed the RealSeat on the Chopper, I had to have one for my Specialized. The trick to feeling the comfort of the seat is to find the position in which the strong leg muscles can provide the powerful push at the end of the stroke. An extra perk: now my aging dog can ride along on my lap since I am basically just sitting in a lawn chair!!!! Cheryl

David H. – Grand Blanc, MI – Schwinn ‘Aerodyne’

To say that I am extremely happy with my new bike seat from RealSeat would be an understatement. I never thought I would be able to ride my exercise bike again due to the pure torture of the standard saddle style seats that I kept trying over and over again. I had even tried to make my own seat a few times with little success. I was just about to throw in the towel and get rid of my bike when I discovered your website,

These seats looked like they made perfect sense…taking the pressure off my “sensitive area” and putting it where it belongs, like you’re sitting in a directors chair. Now I can ride for long periods of time without being in agony. Thank you so much for your ingenious design and dedication to helping people get back on their bikes. I would recommend this seat to anyone who is interested in a truly comfortable and affordable seat. THANK YOU !! Dave H.

Roderic R. w/ “Malcomb” – Naples, FL – Dyno ‘Roadster Cruiser’

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the rush order. I just received my RealSeat today and put it on my bike and went riding. I haven’t ridden that far in a long time, not to forget that forever without my posterior, or should I say my butt hurting. This has got to be the best thing for bicycles in a very long time. I will be telling all my friends about it, and hopefully they will buy it and enjoy riding again. Thanks again. Sincerely, Roderic

Rick H. – Uniontown, OH – Trek ‘830’

Surgery due to a rare form of bone cancer took me off of my bike. Riding on a conventional bike seat became a complete impossibility, whereas the thought of giving up riding altogether was not an option. RealSeat put me back on the road and I’m grateful for every mile. Rick

Luke W. – Orlando, FL – Electra ‘Townie’

Comfort Bicycle Seat

Ram P. – Tel Aviv, Israel – electric ‘Trekker’ scooter

RealSeat on an electric scooter bike

Just got the seats and I really was amazed of the comfort and easy adjustment. Please see the attached photos with our TREKKER installed with the RealSeat!!! Thank you and warm regards Ram

Steve M. – Placentia, CA – Electra ‘Townie’

I just received the seat on Thursday. The seat “is” made for the Townie. The navy blue color is perfect. Friday my wife and I rode about four miles stopping to make adjustments in the seat height and angle. Saturday we did about six miles and the seat did what I had hoped for. It relieved the pressure in the groin area which had been resulting in what I call “numb nuts” literally, and moved the bulk of my weight out towards my hip area. I much prefer this as it is not uncomfortable and my weight is spread out over a larger surface area and no more “N Ns”. When I say “bulk” I mean it as I tip the scale at 260 which is why I chose your largest seat. I have tightened the cover twice. Since this is your widest seat there is more material to stretch and more material to sag. I need to keep the cover tight as I just barely clear the seat clamp when sitting on the seat. I think this would less likely on the smaller seats as there is less material from side to side to sag and the user wouldn’t be as beefy as me. The seat is very well made and is the most comfortable I have tried which include a horned seat with a hole in the middle, a hornless seat, and a two piece side to side adjustable hornless seat in addition the original seat. I am very happy! Thanks, Steve

Bulent O. – Ankarra, Turkey – Trek ‘SU100’

Trek bike with a RealSeat bicycle seat

After two weeks of rides, including long distance weekend rides, here is the result:

– Comfort: Superb – It needs just a little adjustment of the seat for correct angle, that’s it.

– Balance: Surprisingly good, I feel more secure on the bike and turn the corners easier than before (another surprise!).

– Riding Performance: My performance is better with realseat. It boosted my energy. I don’t know why, maybe due to comfortable and easy riding position.

– Hills: I climb easier. I think comfortable riding position helps. Good balance also helpful for downhills/curves. I feel safer and turn the curves easier.

Comfort, balance and easier climbing/descending issues are really impressive. I think it’s a real revolution!

Thanks very much RealSeat! Bulent

Southern Taiwan

Good design and easy to install seat on the bike. It is a “Real Seat” and very comfortable but it takes some times to use to it. There are so many people looking this bike seat in one of the small town in the Southern Taiwan. Even some people use camera to take pictures. It’s totally difference experience.

John B. – Fernandina Beach, FL – Komda Folding Bike

I have used my Real Seat for three weeks now and I am very pleased. It has made a great difference for me. I had significant back surgery a short time ago and may be facing a second round in the near future. As a result of my back, the only two exercises I can participate in are swimming and bike riding. Neither seem to bother my back. Unfortunately those saddle seats attacked my derrière such that I could neither ride for any period of time or comfortably walk after dismounting. The RealSeat allows me to comfortably ride almost indefinitely and when dismounting, it is no different than standing up from sitting in a chair. I have included a picture of my bike, a 20 inch folding bike which is large enough for me to ride, yet does not present a need to raise my leg a great distance to get on. Your RealSeat is a great invention. I show it off to everyone. John B.

Had to write to tell you how pleased I am with my real seat. It has been 18 months and some 2500 miles since I purchased my RealSeat and as you can see
from the picture it is still as good as new and because of the comfort of the seat, I am still riding 6-8 miles a day. John B.

Melvin S. – Englewood, OH – Raleigh ‘c40’

Alison R. – Prenton, Merseyside, England – b’Twin ‘Riverside 5’

I love the seat, it has revolutionised my riding experience. I no longer suffer in pain for days after a bike ride. Many thanks, Alison

KLM Bike & Fitness – Birmingham, MI – Day 6 ‘Dream’

Day 6 Dream with RealSeat Bicycle Seat

Russ B. – Valencia, Spain – BH ‘London’

I am 52 years old. I have been an avid cyclist for more than 25 years, riding thousands of miles a year. Nearly two years ago I had some health problems that precluded me from riding my bike. At that time I weighed 175 pounds (I’m 5’9’’)

I now weigh 213 pounds, thanks to not being able to ride my bike. I have been asking my doctor, “When can I get on my bike again?” for the last year and finally in the last three months, begging him to let me get on my bike again. He finally said “OK” but I would have to start slow on an indoor trainer. I didn’t care as long as I could ride again.

I jumped on my bike the same day! When I did I found, after about 4 or 5 minutes my entire groin area as well as my butt began to fall asleep and hurt a lot. This, I suppose was due to my weight gain and the type of seat I was using. I decided right away to look for an alternative type of seat. I started surfing the net because here in Spain where I live there are very few alternatives, if any. I stumbled upon your website. I am very glad I did!!!

Now about the “Real Seat”; I order it and received it in eight days (very fast from the U.S. to Spain) When I opened it, I immediately noticed the strong construction and the high quality of materials. It was much lighter than I thought it would be.

I mounted it and adjusted it and got on it. I cannot describe how comfortable it is. It is like sitting in a lawn chair. It reminds me of the type of seats that are on recumbent bikes. I started pedaling (I had to adjust it slightly a few times before I got it right) and I rode for 20 minutes for the first time in nearly two years. I had NO pain, NO falling asleep groin, NO discomfort of any kind! What I did have, was a smile on my face!

This is the best seat ever! It is not only great for people like me, but anyone who wants to ride a bike without pain and discomfort. I would highly recommend it to anyone!! Now, I will be able to ride my bike in complete comfort and regain my health.

I don’t know who invented this seat, but I would love to shake that persons hand and thank them very much! Thanks to them I will be able to enjoy one of the passions of my life again.

One more thing, if you ever find yourself in Valencia Spain, let me know! I’d be glad to show you around and of course we’ll go by bike! Valencia is the perfect place to ride! It’s flat and the weather is ALWAYS GREAT! Thank you Russ B.


Hi Jeff,

Well, I finely got to go outside on my bike and as promised her are some photos of my BH London outside. The Doctor and my wife were against this but I couldn’t take it anymore and told them both where to go and I went for a ride. It was only 10 Km but it was great and it was the first time I went for a ride with my 8 year son.

The seat still is working great and I did hear some comments from people as I rode by, couldn’t here what they were saying but I could tell they were talking about the seat. I will go for another ride next weekend. If anyone stops me to ask where they can get a seat like mine I give them your webpage.

I will soon start to ride my bike to work as often as I can, but I need to get so practice in before I do that. I have to build up my legs a little first.

You can use any or all these pictures on your website if you want.

Hope all is well for you!


Russ B. – Valencia, Spain – KTM ‘Country Star’

Hi Jeff,

The seat for my son and the replacement cover for my old seat came yesterday. I had to pay some bullshit import tax, 33.00 Euros but what can I do.

Here is a picture of my son who needs a haircut and his new KTM bike.


Aubrey G. – Florence, AL – Schwinn ‘Meridian’

Attached to this email are several shots of my Schwinn Three-Wheel Trike, Meridian Model and outfitted with your invention, the Real Seat Bicycle Seat model RS22 which I absolutely love. I consider it to be a true “Godsend”. Thank you ever so much for your creativity in your conception of the properly named “RealSeat”. Then it was a stroke of genius to develop your idea, produce a prototype and market your product… Bravo!

I can without reservation, say that everything in your advertisement has turned out to be exactly as you said it would be. The result of your design has provided me with hours of extremely welcome pain free riding and No, you may Not have it Back! (lol)

This past Thursday I had my routine quarterly medical health checkup which was the first I have had since getting my RealSeat. When Dr I. Lyman Mitchell, my physician of more than 30 years, came into the examination room the first thing he said was, “I’ve been checking your blood numbers and they are outstandingly good, especially your blood sugar.” I am diabetic and my A1C reading had been 7.4 (high) and Thursday it was 6.9, which in the acceptable range. So, by being able to ride regularly, longer with no pain is rewarding me with improved health and that’s something for which i am especially grateful to God and thankful to RealSeat! Sincerely Yours, Aubrey G.

Don T. & Savannah Y. – Orlando, FL – SUN ‘Drifter’

Hey RealSeat, Don and I would like to thank you again so much for your help in purchasing what we consider to be the most relaxing bicycle seat that we have ever experienced. Now we both can now enjoy mile after mile of cycling without the numbing effects of the many conventional seats. One thing that we did find to be different was how you enter the bike. Attached are photos of the proper way to enter as well as exiting the bike. With the broad seat that insures your comfort it’s important to step into and out of the bike. Again we thank you for all that you are doing to bring a new and pleasurable experience. And feel free to use our photos and our testimony for all. One last word. These are mounted onto the Drifter a Sun Bike. We can’t say enough about the bikes now that we have the Real Seat by Thanks so much Don and Savannah

Allen P. – Amherst, OH – Specialized

Several months ago I had the pleasure of talking to your owner regarding some problems I was having with sliding forward on my Real Seat. He recommended a few alternative solutions to this problem. Anyhow, I just finished a 75 mile Pedal to the Point ride for MS last Saturday. The Real Seat was comfortable for the entire 9 hour ride. I had several inquiries from fellow riders about my experience. One of them called it a “chair”. (I described it to those who haven’t seen it to be like a director’s chair.) They were feeling the pain of their saddle I am sure. However, I did not see another Real Seat on any of the 3,000 riders bikes. I have a Specialized Sector and ride on extended trips with Rotary Int. in June in western Ohio, sweet Corn Challenge on Richfield, Oh in July in addition to the MS Pedal to the Point. I recommend the Real Seat for all riders for short or long trips.

Today I purchased a new seat for a friend.

Best regards,

John H. – Findlay, OH – Giant ‘Suede’

Giant Suede with an Extra Wide RealSeat Bike Seat

Hi RealSeat, just thought I’d send you a note about the new seat on my Giant Suede. Yes, it IS the most comfortable bike seat ever! Since coming to your shop and getting a custom fitting and a tour of the city I went home to Findlay, OH and have done several miles, riding every day. Before, a ‘special’ Schwinn seat with no nose and the seat the came with the bike both caused numbness in the nether regions after less than a mile. Now I can ride 2-3 miles with NO NUMBNESS! The customer review that initially convinced me to call you was Steve M. from Placentia, CA since I am also 260 lbs. You can see from the picture that I’m not small! This seat has saved the Suede from getting ‘pedaled down the road’ (SOLD). Now I will literally be able to pedal down the road with my wife and actually ENJOY THE RIDE. I just need to build up my leg strength to gain more distance. Thanks for you help and your REALSEAT! John

Theresa F. – Oceanside, CA – eZee ‘Carro’

RealSeat, I was run over by a cement truck on 8 July 1986, at age 9, when I was crossing a street with the crosswalk light & the driver made an illegal turn. I was riding my bicycle to my swimming lessons at the local park & had the 1 street to cross to get there. The front, right tire of the 4-ton vehicle removed all of the flesh & tissue from the right side of my buttocks as it turned off of me. Due to the litany of trauma my little body endured, it’s a miracle that I even survived. But, I do have a litany of medical issues because of it. Due to those medical issues, I am quite overweight & can barely exercise.

I had tried getting on a bicycle again many times since then. But, missing half of my buttocks, I have a foam prosthetic held in place by girdle underwear & a “normal” bicycle seat would move the prosthetic & then be pushing directly against the scarred area with no cushioning for my pelvis, causing immense pain. Plus, the psychological trauma would cause my muscles to shake uncontrollably as I tried to ride the bicycle. So, my husband got me an electric tricycle, but the problem of being in pain from the seat made it difficult to even give it a try. I had searched online many times for “extra-wide bicycle seats” & still hadn’t come across your website.

Well… my RealSeat arrived on 7 March 2013 & my husband quickly got to work installing it. Due to rain & family obligations I finally got to go for a ride today, 10 March 2013, & … WOW! You have no idea how much this seat has made all the difference! I sincerely cried tears of joy after 1 full trip around our long street & plan on enjoying many more rides in the future! Your product has literally changed my life & I simply cannot thank you enough!

~ Theresa F.
Proud US Navy Wife

April F. – Ventura, CA

Augie D. – Coos Bay, OR – ZAP ElectriCruizer

Dear RealSeat,

I’m very glad I found you, and here’s why.

I had just completed a rebuild and upgrade of a 1999 ZAP ElectriCruizer, from it’s original 12V 360W with a simple on/off switch to 24V 450W with variable speed, when I learned I had Prostate Cancer of a nature that required immediate action.

After my recent Prostatectomy, although I know I’ll one day be able to pedal again, I face an extended period of “no pedaling allowed.” Luckily, the rebuilt ZAP doesn’t need to be pedaled to operate, so with the addition of a RealSeat I have myself one very cool Electric Personal Mobility Device. It just scoops me off my feet and carries me (painlessly) down the road.

As I didn’t buy the seat for pedaling, I can’t speak on that aspect. But I can tell you how I feel overall, and that would be “extremely satisfied.”

The RealSeat is a high-end product. The RealSeat website (and included manual) contains everything one needs to know to optimize the experience. Service was personally attentive and efficient.

Here’s my ZAP with it’s Navy Blue RS-20. Thank you for providing me the perfect solution.

Augie D.
Motorized Bicyclist

Denise M. – Naples, FL

Hello RealSeat,

I’ve saved this email from you since I ordered my RealSeat quite some time ago. Shortly after my order I had major surgery and it was 8-9 months before I could resume riding.

I want to tell you that the RealSeat has made my riding SOOOOO enjoyable. I live in Naples, FL so riding is a year round pursuit here. I’ve had many inquiries, some out of curiosity and some inquiring how to get one. I always show them the back of the seat where the name is so they get the visual.

My bike is always parked and locked at the gym, and a few shopping center, and the tram stops for the beach.

As we age (I’m now 55), all of our skin tissues tend to thin, especially in those “tender” areas. I can ride forever on my RealSeat and never get sore, numb, uncomfortable, not to mention no bladder infections from horn compression from a regular bike seat.

I hope business is going well. Let me know how I can further promote RealSeat. I always am excited to share something that has made a positive difference in my life.

Thanks again,
Denise M.

Linda H. – Sanibel, FL – Trek ‘Pure’

Hi Jeff,

This seat is terrific! I’ve been riding my cruiser with a RealSeat for about 6 years and love it. I often ride 20+ miles a day. This seat is comfortable and functional. Before I found RealSeat, I had stopped riding for about 10 years (due to the discomfort). There is nothing else like this – I know, because I searched extensively before I found this seat. People ask me all the time where I got this seat! I believe there are many, many more potential customers out there (especially Baby Boomers). I wish you great success. Thanks, Linda

Debra N. – Sparta, N.J.

Debbie’s bike, pink and a RealSeat perfect together!!!! Just love it!!!!