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Shipping Cost

Q: What shipping carrier do you use and what is cost?

A: Depending on the destination (USA or International) we will use either UPS, USPS or FedEx to ship order. The flat-rate cost to ship a seat or accessory is compiled below. All fees, duties, and tariffs are responsibility of purchaser.

USA or US Territory

All Seats (each) – $25

All Covers (each) – $10

All Posts (each) – $6

All Shims (each) – $4


All Seats (each) – $65

All Covers (each) – $15

All Posts (each) – $8

All Shims (each) – $4

Expectations & Reality

 Q: Does your seat work better on some styles of bikes than what it does on others?

A: RealSeat is a comfort seat that will install to most any style of bicycle including mountain and road bikes, but it is best suited for bikes that are comfort oriented in design like hybrid, cruiser and forward crank styles of bicycle. 

Weight Limit Capacity

Q: I weigh well over the 300 lb limit assigned to your largest seat, do you offer a seat that will support my increased weight?

A: No, 300 lb is the reasonable weight limit for the RS-22 size.


While our largest seat the ‘RS-22’ is designed and engineered to withstand a weight load up to 300 pounds, we have concluded from years of testing that those who weigh in excess of 300 pounds routinely lack the basic agility and dexterity skills necessary to safely use our seat without incidence.

Lateral Shifting of Seat

Q: My RealSeat shifts laterally left and right when pedaling. What do I need to tighten to stop the seat from shifting?

A: One or two of the things listed below need tightened:

1.) Check to see if the (2) 6mm hex head Allen screws on the RealSeat seat mount are equally tight.

2.) Check to see if the bicycles main seat tube clamp/quick release is tight (ie… the bolt you loosen and tighten to raise or lower overall height of seat from the pedal crank).

Sliding on Seat Cover

Q: While pedaling my bike I slide forward off my RealSeat. What can I do to minimize and alleviate sliding?

A: You should be able to confidently and comfortably sit and pedal at same time without sliding off a RealSeat! Please see recommendations below for helpful tips.


1) Try lowering the overall height of seat from ground by an inch or two. For our seat has a ‘vertical’ height greater than that of a saddle.

2) Try leveling the seat with ground or even bring it slightly backwards a couple of degrees beyond level.

3) Try re-tightening the front webbing strap underneath seat cover to minimize sag and droop at seat covers front edge.

4) Try raising or adjusting your handlebars so that your upper body becomes more upright and closer to seat. For this can be accomplished two different ways, by either raising the handlebar stem directly upward from head tube (where handlebar assembly becomes one with front fork) and/or re-positioning the grip angle of the handlebars where they are closer to seat.

5) Try wearing non-slippery athletic wear like cotton or linen.


When pedaling a bike hard a rider naturally tends to sit closer to the seats front edge AND while coasting or pedaling casually one tends to sit further back in the seat. There is also sufficient seat cover area to not only ‘sit and pedal’ comfortably but extra seat area to ‘reposition your rump’ once fatigue or tired butt sets in.


Q: Does RealSeat’s hornless seat design effect bicycle control?

A: No, when one gets accustomed to riding their RealSeat they quickly discover that they can control their bicycle much the same as if there was still a saddle on it. For you will be able to dart around obstacles and negotiate tight turns with ease.

Chafing & Abrasion

Q: While pedaling my bike will the front edge of the seat cover braise and chafe the back of my legs?

A: No, the seat cover is made of a supple woven nylon that is both soft and flexible. Moreover, the front edge of the seat cover will not unduly impede or interfere with your ability to pedal your bike.

Seat Cover Longevity

Q: How long can I expect the seat cover to last?

A: Under normal conditions (wherein the bike is stored indoors when not used) the seat cover will hold-up for many years, but its longevity is entirely dependent on how often it is used and exposed to the elements. For the fabric covering and foam in our seat is most similar to that found in premium outdoor patio furniture.

And, when the seat cover is finally worn beyond continued use it can be easily removed and replaced without any tools whatsoever. For we offer for sale a complete selection of replacement covers in all colors.

Exercise Bike Use

Q: Can I install a RealSeat on my exercise bike?

A: Yes, so long as it uses a pillar seat post shaft. See the HOW TO page for specific requirements.

Recumbent Bike Use

Q: Can RealSeat be mounted to a recumbent bicycle?

A: No, it will not install to any recumbent style bike that we are aware of!


If you have been considering a recumbent because you can no longer tolerate a saddle, then look no further! For listed below we have some compelling reasons why NOT to buy a recumbent.

Invariably, there will be a few prideful recumbent owners who will disagree with our assertions. But, a reasonable man could not dispute the FACT that people are inclined to buy recumbent bicycles ‘first and foremost’ because of its seat. To illustrate this point, just how many recumbent bikes do you think would sell with saddles on them?

And while we will not dispute that recumbent bicycles do indeed have comfortable seats when compared to a traditional saddle on an upright bicycle, they are absolutely AWFUL at hill climbing. For any bicycle that does not permit you to stand with your full weight on its crank will be a bicycle that you will most certainly walk up most hills and inclines with – and they’re absolutely dreadful at maneuverability, too!

So, unless your an individual with a physical impediment why waste your money on an over-priced (most entry level recumbent bicycles cost in excess of thousand dollars), all for a Rube Goldberg inspired contraption best suited to low grade rail trails.

Commercial Use

Q: Would your seat serve as a good all-purpose seat in a public or clinical setting that would work well for many without having to make frequent adjustments?

A: No. Because ‘no two people’ (let alone many) would likely desire seat at same pitch angle and height. For our seat is a highly personal seat that works best for bicyclists who take the time to adjust and tweak seat to their individual liking.

Actual Seat Weight

Q: What is the actual weight of each size seat?

A: See table below.

Seat Width & Depth

Q: Are your seats as wide as what the part number nomenclature indicates?

A: Yes. But, if you instead want determine any size seats actual ‘sit’ width then subtract two inches from its overall width and one inch from its depth. For the U-shaped seat frame (which you sit around but not upon) is one inch in diameter.

Suspension Post Use

Q: Can I use RealSeat with a tapered ‘suspension’ seat post?

A: No, we do not recommend its use. Our RealSeat needs to be installed to a traditional pillar ‘tapered’ seat post shaft. For the internal parts and springs in a suspension seat post are designed to vertically absorb bumps but will unduly wiggle laterally due to additional lateral leverage applied during RealSeat’s use. Furthermore, it is no longer needed with RealSeat.

See the HOW TO page for specific seat post requirements.

Elderly or Geriatric Use

Q: Your seat looks like a perfect gift for my elderly parent. Would they be able to use a RealSeat without jeopardizing their safety.

A: If he or she is placing seat on an exercise bike or geriatric trike they will likely be fine provided all hardware (including seat post shaft) is sufficiently tightened to mitigate seat shift. If, though, they intend to place it on a traditional 2 wheeled bike then they must be made aware that our seat is unlike anything he or she has ever likely seen or tried before, and again, all hardware (including seat post shaft) must be sufficiently tightened to mitigate seat shift.

Prostate Health

 Q: Will a RealSeat allow those suffering from prostate issues to ride bike once again without risk of further injury or pain?

A: Yes! Because when you ride on a RealSeat your entire body weight is uniformly and evenly dispersed over a much broader and wider area than what is possible straddling a hard-shelled saddle.

Check & Money Order

Q: I don’t have a credit card, do you accept check or money order for purchase of a RealSeat?

A: Yes. If you want to mail-in payment please make certain to include the following: what size(s) you desire; any accessories; and applicable shipping charges (charted and compiled above) for entire order; and lastly your complete name and shipping address with e-mail address, and mail to:

RealSeat USA, LLC
847 Fielding Road
Sidney, Ohio 45365

We will ship your order out within one business day after receipt of payment.

Return Policy

Q: In the event I do not like the seat what is your return policy?

A: We provide a 45-day return policy from delivery of seat less both a 30% re-stocking fee and all shipping charges.

Please understand we do NOT want to discourage people in any way from purchasing our comfort seat and we do regret charging a penalty for returns. But, unlike most products it is impossible to try one of our seats without subjecting it to varying degrees of tool or cover wear.

Moreover, we have gone to great lengths to convey that our comfort seats are indeed unique and different and not necessarily what some riders are accustomed to and what possible sacrifices a rider might need make to confidently use seat.

So, in the rare event it does not work for you, please keep in mind we cannot later re-sell a returned seat as new and being a small business we cannot afford to absorb the loss entirely either!