Free License Agreement

Hello, my name is Jeff McMahan and I’m the proud owner of this premium brand of comfort
bicycle seat named RealSeat featured on this website! And while my RealSeat line of
comfort bicycle seats have been available for purchase direct to the consumer for many
years now, I’ve recently come to the sobering realization that I can’t take this venture to the
next level without partnering with a like-minded company or entity in some capacity. This is
why I am now offering the right under licensing agreement to manufacture and distribute my
world famous RealSeat comfort bicycle seat FREE to any and all OEM makers of comfort
bicycle and/or eBikes.

To make a long story short, while selling my nothing-else-like-it comfort bicycle seat as an
after-market replacement is well and good, it ultimately needs to be included as original
equipment on a particular model of comfort bicycle similar to that of the market leading
‘Townie’ model by Electra Bicycle Company – which other bicycle makers like Giant, 3G,
KHS, and Fuji all have similar models today that mimic. And while most brands have made
a half-hearted attempt to offer one style of comfort bicycle or the other (hybrid, cruiser, or
crank forward), the real problem they ALL fail to comprehend is the real reason millions of
people have for decades stopped riding bicycles, and that is they can no longer tolerate an
uncomfortable and unforgiving saddle found on most all bikes. For the one thing these
people truly want is a simple bicycle with a REAL seat on it and not another comfort bicycle
with an over-sized saddle masquerading as a seat that a majority of casual cyclists still
detest and consider uncomfortable!

Unfortunately, though, trying to convince a bicycle maker choke full of hard core road and
mountain bike enthusiasts who don’t ever leisurely ride any style of comfort bicycle of this
indisputable fact has proven more difficult than I ever imagined. For they all seem to have a
corporate culture that dictates they focus their primary attention on their more expensive
road and mountain bike models – comfort models and their riders be damned.

Anyhow, the ignorance of a pig-headed industry notwithstanding, I know from many years of
experience now that if my comfort seat was combined with a new model of comfort bicycle
(preferably a crank forward) it would appeal greatly to millions of casual cyclists (not to
mention the tens of millions of people around the world who won’t even so much as ride a
bicycle anymore because they can’t tolerate having a saddle wedged up their rear end) and
would be a prominent feature they would desire and seek out on a new comfort bicycle (if
only such a bicycle existed) and they’d be more than willing to pay a premium for it!

Moreover, even though customers of mine have placed a RealSeat upon every conceivable
style of bicycle over these past many years, I am not foolhardy enough to believe that our
seat will outright replace the common saddle anytime soon or that it is somehow perfect for
all styles of bikes. Nor am I so arrogant as to believe my seat could not be improved upon,
either, but in spite of everything only a fool would be remiss not to conclude that my comfort
seat is to a comfort bicycle like what jelly is to peanut butter – as they just make logical
sense together!

To close, I am a personable fellow of resolute character who is long past game play of any
sort or manner but I will consider most any and all propositions including but not limited to
both territorial and exclusive agreements, mergers, partnerships, and even an outright sale.
So, if you have the capital to fund what could easily be a multi-million dollar profit-making
opportunity and you’d like to learn more about what I have in mind, then please forward any
and all questions you may have for me directly to my e-mail address at:
or call me at: 937.710.4474 most anytime!


RealSeatTM is an original design protected by U.S. patent #6,705,674